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Jun 12 2015

Growing Up Too Fast

Growing Up

As a mom of two children, I have tried to encourage my kids to explore their dreams and provide them with opportunities to learn about a variety of occupations. Helping them to choose something they can be successful at with the talents God has given them. But not all children get these opportunities.

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Feb 5 2014

They Have Dreams Too

they have a dream too

Somewhere, a young man in extreme poverty gets a sparkle in his eye when he thinks of computers. And when he walks the dirt roads of his town, he imagines the words he will write to his sponsor.

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Change the Story: The Compassion Experience is a traveling, interactive exhibit that allows you to journey through the lives of three real-life children who are affected not only by extreme poverty, but also by the Compassion ministry.

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mothers dreams

What are the hopes and dreams mothers in the developing world have for their children?

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In a community where the size of land, number of children and herds of cattle define one’s worth, Suyianga’s family is considered among the lowliest in the community. But today Suyianga is more confident about himself as a result of the encouraging letters he receives from his sponsor.

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The enemy has spoken lying words to those caught in his scheme. He has told them they don’t matter. He has made them believe they are all alone in their suffering. He has deceived them into thinking their situation will never change.

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Aug 30 2011

Do Dreams Really Come True?


Do dreams come true? Yes. Not by wishing on a star. But through the actions of committed Christians who are willing to live out their faith in practical ways.

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Apr 28 2011

Do Dreams Come True?


Fides was seven months pregnant and living in a rented single room with her husband and their two children. The Child Survival Program offered to help her with her pregnancy so that she could deliver safely.

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My biggest fear in life is not reaching my God-given potential. And for the first 20 years of my life, I found myself being increasingly shaped by worldly values. That is, until I came face to face with Jesus!
Since then my Creator and Saviour has been helping me to weed out values that…

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