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Kenyan Terrorist Attack

In the aftermath of the al-Shabab terrorist attack on Garissa University College, Kenyans have displayed powerful love in tangible ways. Standing in long lines to give blood for the wounded, comforting the grieving, providing supplies for the impacted families and contributing money. One of the most loving and brave things the Kenyans are doing is…

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Easter Burkina Faso Camera

A children’s TV program provides a means for staff member Phoebe Lankoande to share the message of Easter beyond the walls of the church in Burkina Faso.

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Good News Rohitha

In a nation where Christianity is a religious minority, Easter is just another day. But to our church partners in Sri Lanka, it’s an opportunity to reach out to their communities with the Good News.

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Apr 27 2014

Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo smiling with girl

In this chapel message, author, speaker and social activist Tony Campolo preaches an Easter message about the love of Jesus and how He is able to connect with us today.

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Apr 16 2014

Easter in Haiti

easter in haiti flying kites

Easter weekend is a time of great celebration in Haiti. As in some other aspects of Haitian life, it’s a combination of Catholic and Voodoo tradition.

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overcome discouragement fog

As we prepare for the Easter season, there may be some of you who are in a place of fog. You can’t see clearly what’s ahead of you. You might even be wondering if God is with you at all because the fog has been with you for so long.

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This year, Easter Sunday falls on April 20. So this month, let’s send an Easter themed letter and paper craft items to our sponsored children.

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Tabitha leans on the table and writes to her sponsor about how she and her family will celebrate Easter.
She is the younger of two children in a family with a strong Christian background. Her father is an evangelist and singer, and recently released his second album.

In one of his songs, Tabitha’s father defines Easter…

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explaining easter BR

There is a lot of commercialism that comes this time of year and few people talk about Jesus, His sacrifice on the cross, and His resurrection.

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Mar 30 2012

Easter in Kenya


It’s dawn in the village of Burendwa, western Kenya. On a chilly Sunday morning, children wake up anxiously as they wait for their mothers to prepare breakfast. Sebastian rubs his eyes and rises from his bed.
It’s Easter Sunday and all children, youth, women and men are eagerly waiting to go to church and celebrate…

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We often get questions in our contact center regarding different holidays. Things like, “What are some holidays that are special to my child?” Or, “To be sensitive to my child’s culture and customs, are there things I shouldn’t talk about?”

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Apr 21 2011

Easter in Guatemala


Guatemala, a country whose whose religion is chiefly Roman Catholic and Protestant, is deeply rooted in local traditions, making the celebration of Easter a colorful and massive one.

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Apr 20 2011

Easter in Ghana


To Ghanaian Christians, Easter is a day of remembering what Christ did on the cross for all mankind; not just remembering but knowing that it was the foundation for their salvation. They believe that without the passion of Christ, people would not know that there is a place for them to go after death.

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Apr 1 2010

Easter in El Salvador

Easter Week in El Salvador is celebrated differently than the way it is celebrated in the United States. In the United States, Easter includes the Easter Bunny and egg hunts. In El Salvador as well as many other Central American countries, it is celebrated with much a different atmosphere.
Easter feels like summer. The sun shines…

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Apr 13 2009

Easter in Peru

To talk about Easter is to talk about Christianity, and to talk about Easter in Peru is to talk about a variety of traditions in the country. The most common traditions began during the colonial times when the Spaniards brought their culture, and their religion, to Peru.
In Peru, that religion, Roman Catholicism, is still important:


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