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“Compassion is an unstable emotion. It needs to be translated into action, or it withers.” – Susan Sontag

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As a Compassion sponsor I don’t want to only connect with my child when I get a reminder from Compassion. I want to be a sponsor who consistently prays for her children.

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spiritual poverty

If I cared, I’d be more like Bono or Mother Teresa or even Wess Stafford — someone with influence and name recognition, someone with a story. If I cared, I’d do more, right? If I cared, I’d dedicate my life to serving the poor — as their champion, as their savior.

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I’m a cynic. And I’m a contrarian. When the pop-culture collective is doing something, I usually don’t want any part of it. By staying aloof, I nourish my emotionally wounded soul on a diet rich in the fat of condescension. That’s how I feed my deflated sense of self. That’s how I roll.
Although I’m…

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The poverty in my life is emotional and spiritual. The poverty in the lives of the kids you sponsor and the kids we’re meeting here in Kenya is that and more.

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May 1 2009

In the Void of Poverty

The running water in my comfy apartment cannot help the hurt in my heart today. The grande nonfat latte I picked up from my favorite coffee shop didn’t help, either.
American luxuries I once looked forward to now feel empty, as nothing fills the void that Africa left.
Someone once said, “Once you get…

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Do you love your sponsored child? Really love your child?
We already know I’m an emotionally disconnected person, so help me out here.
Explain to me how you know that what you feel for your sponsored child is actually love.
Come on y’all. I want to know what love is. Sing it.

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Sep 16 2008


Remember the Tanzanian children’s choir I wrote about in my last post? Well, it turns out that their matinee performance that day was only a taste of what was to come — an actual full-fledged concert at Friday’s chapel.
And what I thought was powerful and moving at lunch barely compared to what I experienced…

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Sep 11 2008

Why Am I Here?

As you may have read recently, the Global Leadership Forum has been in progress all week and all the “big-wigs” are in town talking about . . . stuff. I don’t actually know what they are talking about because I wasn’t invited. But I’m pretty sure that my lunch on Tuesday was better than…

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Aug 28 2008

The Poverty of ME

Last week, I was in Mexico. On a sponsor tour. And I saw the deepest, darkest poverty of my life.
But I didn’t have to travel to ME, the abbreviation we use when referring to Mexico, to see it. I only had to look at me.
I was in Mexico for the wrong reason. I didn’t go…

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Have you noticed the “international” component of who we are? Compassion International.
Part of that internationality is that we work in 24 countries throughout the developing world … uh, 25 countries (you know about Togo, right?)
And the other part of that internationality is that there are 11 countries that form Compassion’s Global Partner Alliance. These…

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To all of you who responded with your encouragement, comments, and ideas, thank you. I cannot begin to tell you just how much I appreciated hearing from all of you. The time and thought you took to read and respond truly blessed me.
Another week has begun and my feeling of being overwhelmed…

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“The opposite of poverty is enough.”
Have you heard us say this before?
Answer first, before reading on.

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In an effort to keep you from becoming emotionally disconnected …
This video, featured on, is the most effective video I have seen yet on the global food crisis, in terms of showing the awful reality of poverty.
As I learn more about this crisis, I am increasingly convinced that THIS – the global food crisis…

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Jun 12 2008

Comfortably Numb

Have you ever repeated a word over and over in your head so many times that it eventually loses its meaning and starts to sound like nonsense? It happened to me the other day with the word “lemon.”
I said lemon so many times that it started to sound like a word I made up.…

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In response to the global food crisis, Compassion International has begun interventions for the countries we serve.
Last week we received this photo from Haiti, where they have begun distributing food kits for temporary relief to the families who have been hardest hit. These parents are waiting in line to receive their food kit vouchers…

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