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Aug 19 2012

Experience Vs. Faith


Edouard Lassegue, Vice President of our Latin American and Caribbean Region explores the issue of faith through the life of Joshua. Joshua’s life tells us that experience cannot replace faith.

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Apr 13 2012

Remember the Best


Pleasant memories are a choice that you must make. This will bring you joy!

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Hello everyone. This will be my last post from Mexico. I need to put the computer aside and experience God.
I’ve lost my way and made this trip about something other than Him.
I’ve uploaded another 50 photos to Flickr tonight. I’ll have more after August 23, when I return home.
I’ll also have some…

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Poverty is hard to grasp. Living amongst plenty, those seven letters (p-o-v-e-r-t-y) can be like abstract little bubbles floating in the air, not tethered down to anything real or concrete.
Have you ever experienced something here in the States that really made you get it?
Several months ago here at Compassion, we had a speaker at…

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