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The world tells us to simply show no fear; pretend it doesn’t exist or exhibit behavior that displays calm or confidence in your abilities. But how far will this mindset take us?

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living in fear

Eduar’s mother begs him to come to church with her. Sometimes he refuses. He is too afraid. He knows his delicate, young mother cannot keep him safe on the trek through the neighborhood to the church. He hears the crack of gunshots day and night.

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Jul 29 2012

God is Enough


If you and I believe that God’s love is enough, will we fear less? Do you trust God enough to face your greatest fear? If you and I believe that God’s love is enough, will we fear less? Do we trust God enough to face our greatest fear?

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Jun 3 2012

Fear and Faith


Scripture says that God has not given us a spirit of fear, yet we all fear things that are beyond our control. Who told us to be afraid and what role does faith play in helping us overcome these fears?

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Carl was the last to get on his horse, and he realized that the entire village had come out to watch him mount up. “Big Papi!” they chanted as they all laughed.

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kiss on forehead

For the children we serve, Satan wants to convince them that the absence of material wealth equals the absence of love from a heavenly father. For you and me in the developed world, it might be just as loud, but for different reasons.

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God hasn’t given up on you. So don’t give up on Him. Wait on Him and on His appointed time.

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When I wake up each morning, I usually feel angry. I’m not exaggerating. Three or four days a week I wake up with a sense that my soul is drowning, like I’m 300 feet beneath the ocean surface, on the fringe of complete darkness.

I can vaguely see a place without anger. I can vaguely…

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Our ministry takes place in some of the toughest, grittiest places on the planet, but we face these hard realities with an adventuresome spirit.
In the midst of this chaotic world, we do not waiver and we do not blink, as we pursue our single-minded strategy of “Christian holistic development of children in poverty through…

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