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As God created everyone in His own image, are we not responsible to share what we have? The boy with the fish and loaves in John 6 was willing to share everything he had as a response to the Lord’s question. He knew that five small barley loaves and two small fish would not be…

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Feb 13 2009

Update From Compassion Togo

Remember when we registered our first child in Togo? That was about five months ago. Would you like to know how Compassion Togo is doing now?
Good! We have that for you!
Visit Togo’s news page and read what the Acting Country Director has to say about Compassion’s impact in Togo thus far. We think you’ll be…

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If you received this post via RSS or e-mail, click through to our blog homepage and vote in our RSS feed poll. This is your chance to determine whether our feed displays the entire blog post or continues to display the first few lines.
Of course, anyone can vote, but we figured only some of you…

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