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Our field staff are some of the most remarkable people around! Jackie Nyaga is no exception.

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Project Manager Piyush with children

Our ministry in Bangladesh has been blessed by excellent managers who are contributing to the lives of marginalized children. Piyush is one of those making differences in the local community with his intelligence, talent, creativity and, most importantly, his heart for God and children.

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Wess Stafford and all of us here at the ministry were excited to welcome back former Compassion President, Wally Erickson and his wife Mary. Wally and Mary took us down memory lane and their stories will make you laugh and maybe even cry.

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Jun 21 2012

I Love My Job!


Mathilda thanks God every day for her job with Compassion in East Indonesia.

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boys showing joy BD

How much do our lives really differ from our neighbors? Our parties, gatherings, duties, calendar, and concerts may be “Christian,” but do we really spend our time any differently?

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Alemnesh loves ministering to children and watching them grow into mature Christian citizens. A typical day for Alemnesh is very busy — but rewarding.

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Bouncing over piles of trash and splashing through rivers of raw sewage, Katy held James’ hand in the front seat of the car, telling herself it was to cheer him. Later she would realize that she needed his hand to steel her and keep her brave.

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Thank God for giving us the opportunity to speak for the voiceless children of the world.

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I have been feeling challenged lately to get closer to the heart of Compassion, where we interact with sponsors, churches and children. I recently read a quote from a top executive of a large retail chain (I can’t remember which one — maybe Best Buy). He said, “I have never wasted a day visiting a…

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Dec 6 2008

Healing Prayer


Every month we receive prayer requests from our country staff; prayer requests that we publish in our monthly prayer calendar, on and as tweets.
Would you mind joining us in healing prayer for these sponsored children:

Komol in Bangladesh, who is suffering from heart disease
Soledad in Bolivia, who is waiting for a kidney transplant
Jacob and…

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The first thing Heidi Partlow does each morning is check her e-mail. It’s always packed. As Compassion’s complementary interventions manager, she gets all kinds of e-mails each day.
E-mails about how to submit a proposal for a complementary interventions (CIV), e-mails from marketing departments about the particulars of a CIV, e-mails about a disaster that has…

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