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Dec 5 2012

Placed in His Hands


We join this story as the apostles return after Jesus had sent them out. They were eager to tell their rabbi about “all they had done and taught,” but “many people” made conversation impossible.

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May 10 2012

Then God Showed Up…


The phrase “Then God Showed Up” seems to always be preceded by some troubles or a bleak situation… “Then God Showed Up.”

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pictures of fishermen

Adriano is 30 years old and began his career as a third-generation fisherman when he was 15. The way he holds the net, and the way he moves along the beach toward his jangada (a kind of fishing boat), shows he is a man who knows the ocean intimately.

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Jan 17 2012

They Have Something

loaves and fishes story

In Jesus’ time, children were not appreciated by society. Children and women were of such little value that the story of the feeding of the multitude mentions only five thousand men, overlooking the women and children completely.

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Andis’ father walked out on his wife and son when Andis was in second grade. Andis prayed daily for his dad to return. When his father didn’t come home, Andis became angry and tried to forget him.

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Fishing in Lake Victoria has a long, historic background. However, the introduction of Nile perch to the Lake has changed both the social and economic nature of the sector.

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A new day begins in the city of Siguatepeque, Honduras, and with it a routine process caarried out by two girls at a child development center egg farm. They change the chickens’ water and pick up the eggs.
“Hey, here is another one,” says Keila with enthusiasm while they search for more eggs and…

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