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Pictures of Dogs Thailand Motorcycle

If there’s one thing that holds true in any country, in any culture, it’s that man’s best friend with his comfort and protection is a universal companion. And it’s impossible not to bring out the camera when they’re around. In our many travels, we’ve taken thousands and thousands of photos and there’s been more than…

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Valdênia was 15 years old when she taught a little boy in the community to read and write.
“He was 7 and had difficulties learning at school. His mother asked me to help him.”
At that time, Valdênia was in high school, but had no hope to get into a university. Today, three years later, she…

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Beautiful landscapes, exotic food and historical monuments are not the only attractions that draw foreigners to Brazil. The image of a country full of beautiful, sexy, young women has been used for decades to attract tourists to the country of Carnival, which contributes to the growing number of tourists coming to Brazil seeking sexual…

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Excellence is answering God’s call to the best of our abilities with the gifts and resources He has given us. It is carrying out God’s work with an attitude of enjoyment.
Thanks to the Leadership Development Program (LDP), Talita is living in the best moment of her life, not only professionally, but also spiritually. Her…

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In March 2007, Ana Cláudia, the youngest child of five siblings, got the approval of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) committee and started her path toward a bright future. She was part of a selected team of young people who overcame their circumstances during their child sponsorship period. The 20-year-old young lady faced a…

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