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Aug 8 2009

From the Archives

Do Not Show Partiality to the Poor
If you hang around here a lot, you’re probably familiar with verses like these:
“He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.” – Proverbs 14:31 (NIV)
Or one of my personal favorites:
“‘He defended the cause of the poor…

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Jul 3 2009

From the Archives

Tomorrow is Independence Day in the U.S., and we’ve got just the post in our archives for you to read. Consider it the ketchup on your hot dog, the perfect accompaniment for any Fourth of July BBQ.
A Child in the Midst

What if a child had been in the room during the penning of the Declaration…

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Jun 27 2009

From The Archives

Last week, we published a short post about a recent sponsor tour to India. It was written by our India communications manager for the India country office’s internal newsletter, and it reminded us about this old post on sponsor tours:
A Field Perspective on Sponsor Tours
This e-mail from Samuel Llanes, our field communication specialist in…

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Jun 13 2009

Two More From the Archives

Arpita’s Miracle

Last summer, heavy rains poured into the village where 12-year-old Arpita lives. The ground, already saturated from previous rains, left nowhere else for the waters to go … so the entire village flooded. Muddy water, one foot deep, filled Arpita’s home.
When you live in extreme poverty, access to clean water is hard to…

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Jun 6 2009

From the Archives

For those of you who are new here, we’ve hand-selected a few of the older posts from our archives for you to read, respond to, chew on, digest, enjoy, etc.
Are You for Real?
It’s after work and I’m in my business casual, walking through the mall having just bought a not-so-scrumptious dinner of Sbarro’s pizza…

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