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Bringing technology to the town of Kpone through the Bethel Presby Child Development Center has brought much excitement. This community is taking one step forward out of poverty by learning the technology that is so prevalent in today’s world.

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One evening Elizabeth attended a church service where she encountered Jesus Christ. Since then, life has not been the same for her and her grandchildren. Jesus is making the difference in her family.

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Aug 12 2011

Ministry Highlight: Ghana


Compassion began its ministry in Ghana in 2005 with when the Child Sponsorship Program. Since then we have registered 25,000 children.

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I believe that God places us in our jobs, so to me every position is a privilege given by God. I want to be here to serve, learn and grow.

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Shunamite Devotion_FI

Consider the story of Elisha and the Shunammite woman in 2 Kings 4. Scripture says that she was a wealthy, married woman who blessed Elisha with meals and a place to stay. For her reward, God miraculously gave her a son of her own.

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Precious Photo

One sentence from a little girl an ocean away immediately and forever changed my perspective.

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Teaching staff members at the office in the Philippines.

We speak different languages. We live in separate time zones. We follow different customs and practices. We lead such vastly different lives but we are all connected by the fact that Christ dwells in our hearts.

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Apr 20 2011

Easter in Ghana


To Ghanaian Christians, Easter is a day of remembering what Christ did on the cross for all mankind; not just remembering but knowing that it was the foundation for their salvation. They believe that without the passion of Christ, people would not know that there is a place for them to go after death.

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Ghana_April 19 Post

Ghana is currently one of the largest producers of cocoa and gold and is now also involved in oil production. They are becoming a prosperous nation and the world is taking notice.

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As sponsors you are held in high esteem by the staff in our Ghana office, by the staff of our church partners, and among all the children in the child development centers. Compassion would not be Compassion without you. The children would not have the lives they have without your response to Jesus. We in…

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Compassion Ghana is intensifying its fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS with Compassion’s AIDS Initiative. Among the many activities aimed at achieving this objective is education.

Florence Sena Amponsah is a Partnership Facilitator for 12 Compassion-assisted child development centers. She has been with Compassion Ghana for one year now. She is involved with a…

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Fred eating

Our Highly Vulnerable Children initiative deals with poor children who find themselves in very critical conditions demanding special attention and assistance in order to survive.

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Copies of maps that list the child development center numbers and give a rough approximation of where the centers are located in relation to one another.

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Are your children pretty web savvy? Do they spend a LOT of time online? I mean are they typical kids?
How about you? Are you a kid at heart?
If you said yes to any of these questions, we have some exciting news just for you.
We just launched our new kid’s Web site, Quest for Compassion, and we…

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Right before Thanksgiving, I was rootin’ around in our digital asset management library and saw some child photos I absolutely had to share. Photos of children reading letters from their sponsors.

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KE Children

One of the huge challenges facing people living with HIV around the world is not only the physical illness, but the overwhelming stigmatization and discrimination that exists in many countries.

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Nov 22 2008

The Prayer

This is Emelia. She is a sponsored child in Ghana. And obviously, she’s praying.
We don’t know what she was praying for in the moment the photo was taken, but if she’s anything like us, it might’ve been for the photographer to hurry up and take the picture.

Will you join us and Emelia in…

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This is the story of how our beloved president, Wess Stafford, traveled to Washington D.C., rubbed shoulders with the mighty and powerful and still managed to return home the same humble man that we adore.

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Children copying letters from their exercise books

Letters from sponsors come in to the Ghana office through the Global Ministry Center (GMC) in Colorado Springs. They come in mainly by DHL, but a few letters also come in through e-mail.

When these letters are received they are sorted out and entered into the computer system to track that they were received. They…

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