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You have a few different options for sending a monetary gift. Each year, you can send $10 to $50 as a birthday gift, $10 to $50 as a general gift, and $25 to $1,000 as a family gift. You also have the option of donating any amount, we typically suggest $20, to the Christmas Gift…

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giving wins_FI3

Christmas shopping can be filled with pitfalls — shopping injuries, re-gifting and the brick-hard fruitcake, just to name a few. As you navigate the holidays this year, laugh at the giving fails and rejoice in gifts of hope.

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Piñatas are often associated with Hispanic birthday celebrations. However, some birthday celebrations in Guatemala do not include a piñata.

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God, in His mercy and grace, grants us salvation through His Son’s sacrifice, and the one and only thing we have to do is believe.

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Jan 19 2012

The Gift of Our Work

Compassion staff in the Domincan Republic office

You and I have been gifted with an incredible blessing from the Lord. Today as you go about your work, be mindful of the amazing gift that you have been given.

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Do you ever feel so overwhelmed by the issue of poverty that it stifles your ability to act?

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Wind carries the sounds of songs and shouts of joy from the Hermon Baptist Church that can be heard from a block away. There is a celebration, a Christmas celebration for children of the Fe y Esperanza Student Center located in Managua, Nicaragua.

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Our correspondence team receives many gifts from sponsors for their sponsored children that can’t be sent to our country offices. What items can be sent to your sponsored child through the mail?

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As a sponsor your whole relationship with us is one of focusing on others. But during the Christmas season your commitment to the children and families we serve is always magnified.

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To celebrate Christmas in El Salvador means to mix a variety of traditional Christian beliefs and adopted Western customs.

Christmas for El Salvadorans still carries a strong meaning that brings families together. Despite the gangs on the streets and the red, green and white flooding the environment, Salvadoran people try honor the true meaning of Christmas –…

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As sponsors you are held in high esteem by the staff in our Ghana office, by the staff of our church partners, and among all the children in the child development centers. Compassion would not be Compassion without you. The children would not have the lives they have without your response to Jesus. We in…

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Every “thing” I have and everything I am is a gift from my Father. God gave me my home, my car, my job, my wife, etc. Nothing is mine. I believe a lie when I think or act otherwise.

God gave me breath, and God gave me time. I did nothing to get them. I just…

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Sumonto at the window of his house

After his accident, Biswanath lost all his expectations for life. He couldn’t find a job due to his weak leg. He struggled to provide for his family and began selling marijuana. The dark side of life grabbed him.

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Sep 27 2008

I Gave a Gift

I gave a gift to my sponsored child and . . .

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Apr 11 2008

The Perfect Gift

And He looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the treasury, and He saw also a certain poor widow putting in two mites. – Luke 21:1-2 (NKJV)
The Perfect Gift — Generally Speaking
The perfect gift comes from the heart. Love drives us to it, and despite the fact it might mean sacrifice, love…

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