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Apr 16 2012

Rejoice in Suffering


When we look for the source of our troubles, let’s not forget that God has allowed them to refine our lives. God uses them for good, even if Satan or anyone else intends it for bad.

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Can we commit to work and speak together with one voice? Is our motivation to glorify the Lord or to bring recognition and glory to ourselves?

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Jan 4 2012

Staying Attached


Sometimes, it’s easy to fall more in love with doing the ministry than with the one who called us. And it’s easy to get tired or burned out doing the routine or difficult tasks.

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I have been making my way through the New Testament and am currently in 2 Corinthians. I love Paul. He’s blunt without being brutal and encouraging even when he has no physical reason to be encouraged. He’s real, open, honest, and a little crazy.
I was reading through chapter three this morning and came…

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