The Ripple Effect of the Toggenburg Goat

For centuries, large gatherings and special celebrations across Africa have called for goat meat. In rural Ngaamba, Kenya, this is especially true. That’s why introducing a new breed of goat to this community brought about such remarkable change.

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Surviving a Drought: A Single Mom’s Story

The drought that affected the Maasai area in Tanzania was severe. Because of the drought, Nooltetan lost all of her cattle and was reduced to poverty.

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Cultural Change in the Maasai Community

The Maasai community has been rearing cattle for years, all their known lifetime and history.

In fact, there is a joke that goes around Tanzania about how the Maasai people claim that all the cows in the world belong to them, and the Maasai have the duty to return the cows to their natural home, in the Maasai community, which is why in the past there has been cattle rustling in the community.

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