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Aug 16 2008

On My Sponsor Tour

We heard what you think about visiting your sponsored children. And some of you shared some great experiences with us too, which got us wanting more.
Want! Want! Want! That’s us.
So, if you didn’t comment, haven’t ever commented or still have more to say, finish this sentence:
On my sponsor tour . . .

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Aug 9 2008

I Share Love

There aren’t any half ton puns today, but there is some cheap rhymin’ goin’ on.
‘Scuse us as we put on our business faces.
Alright. Finish this half for us.
I share love with my sponsored child by . . .

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Aug 2 2008

Half This

What do you “half” to say about this?
The Child Survival Program . . .

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Jul 26 2008

Saturday’s Half

Today’s half is brought to you by The Leopard at the Summit (Steve K.) Thanks brutha.
Of course, you’re responsible for the second half.
Bring it!
The first time I heard of Compassion International . . .

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My sponsored child taught me . . .

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Jul 12 2008

Half and Half

It’s Saturday. Here are two halves for you to wrestle with. It’s a tag team thing. Take on one or try to pin ‘em both down.
To follow Jesus is to . . .
My response to God’s mandate is . . .
Thanks to Melissa Coast and Jill Foley for sharing their best half with…

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Last Saturday’s half sentence post went well, but there’s only half a brain on this team, and its synapses are fried.
Fried synapses are gross. They smell bad, like a fizzled out smoke bomb (Happy Fourth of July y’all!) and they elevate cholesterol to unhealthy levels.
Anyway, back to task.
Give us your best half ……

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Jun 28 2008

Poverty Is . . .

We get half as many visits on Saturday as we do other days, so we’re trying something new – half a sentence. Please finish it for us.
Poverty is . . .

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