Financial Security for the Poor in India

A local partner’s proactive approach helped hundreds of Compassion-assisted beneficiaries’ families with no bank accounts gain access to banking services under the government’s new financial initiative.

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The Girl Who Didn’t Need a Wheelchair

Imagine a life where every breath feels like your last one; where two or three steps lead to you gasping for air; where a simple cough results in you vomiting blood; where even if your heart’s desire is to run around with your friends, it simply refuses to let you.

Sewing Out of Poverty

Complimentary Interventions help tackle the obstacles children and caregivers face who are enrolled in our programs. See how a free tailoring class is changing the futures of women and their children in Northeast India.

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The Journey Back to School

Shuffling your kiddo back to school means filling that pack to the brim with the necessities. As you’re getting your child ready for another year, enjoy these beautiful photos of the journeys to school – and backpacks – of three children in our program in Kenya, the Philippines and India!

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A Mother’s Hope

Has your sponsored child ever called you Mom, Dad, Auntie or Uncle? Someone recently asked me if I thought it was demeaning to parents for their child to be sponsored by someone across the world. Does it make them feel inadequate, like they’re not fit to be parents? Maybe this thought has crossed your mind as well.

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World Water Day: Uniting a Community with Sustainable Water

In a country where 1600 people die every die because of diarrhea due to unsafe water and 59% of of those who practice open defecation reside, one Child Development Center took the matter of lack of access to clean sustainable water and sanitation into their own hands and mobilized their community into action.

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#GivingTuesday 2014: A Baby’s First Steps

Today is #GivingTuesday. It’s about creating a new tradition during the holiday season. We have traditions of giving thanks. And traditions of giving gifts. Now we have a tradition of giving back. If you want to promote generosity, we’d love for you to join with us in raising $25,000 to build a Child Survival Program in Gujarat in western India.

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World Aids Day 2014: “A Walking Dead”

Vanitha heard a familiar song in a nearby house across the street. Alone in her own home, the aching mother was looking at her child breathing, slowly and with great difficulty. Barely fifteen years old, Vanitha had struggled for months to keep her HIV-infected child alive with local medicines. She had nightmares about this day. Her child was dying right in front of her eyes on her lap.

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Why Giving Tuesday Matters

When I was a teenager, my mom and I used to go shopping on Black Friday. Well … she would shop. I would usually end up sprawled on the sidewalk in front of the mall, reading a book and waiting for her to finish buying gifts for our family. It should be noted, though, that my mom didn’t necessarily enjoy these dawn excursions with a whiny teen. She did it because she loved us, and she wanted Christmas to be special. Our family wasn’t wealthy, and she saved all year to buy those gifts — to demonstrate in a tangible way that she knew us, knew what we liked. And that she loved us. And even the malls couldn’t interfere with that mother’s heart.

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Rainwater Harvesting Brings Clean Water

Our partnership with the local churches helps stand in the gap for community needs that government programs have not been able to meet.

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A Legacy of Generosity

“If God gives a testimony, it is for His glory. I share my story so others will see God in it.” ~ Priya Juliet, Director of Administration for International Justice Mission in Chennai, India

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