With One Resolve

Many of the acts of Jesus were never recorded, but the healing of the lame man is found in three of the four gospels.

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Fast Living: How the Church Will End Extreme Poverty

Fasting isn’t an instrument to get God to hear our prayers or to help us master a primordial impulse or to accomplish anything. It’s something you do when circumstances are bad enough that you don’t want to eat and it would seem wrong to do so.

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Poverty’s Other Lie

Sadly, millions have bought into the lie of poverty. We see it in sullen, desperate faces and hear it in tearful cries of anguish. Yet poverty’s other lie, the lie believed by some of the wealthiest people in the world, is just as powerful.

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11 Reasons Extreme Poverty Will Disappear by 2035

Is eliminating extreme poverty possible or is it heresy? Is it just a matter of interpretation or a matter of priorities?

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The Poor Will Not Always Be With You

During a party at Simon the Leper’s, Jesus says to Judas Iscariot, “The poor you will always have with you” (Matthew 26:11). The misinterpretation of this statement has justified a fatalistic belief that, by divine decree, the world will always have poor people.

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What is the Definition of Poverty?

The absence of a clear definition is a serious problem for organizations whose missions are to eradicate poverty or, in our case, to release children from poverty.

Tell us how you understand and define poverty, and then in future blog posts we’ll explain the basis of our holistic approach to ministry and what our definition and understanding of the problem is.

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What Does Isaiah 58 Have to Do With Poverty?

How does Isaiah 58 relate to extreme poverty? How does it relate to oppression and corruption? Does Isaiah 58 have anything to do with these topics?

How about its relevance to how we serve the Lord today? What are your thoughts?

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Is It Safe to Challenge the Status Quo?

Challenge is an aggressive word. It suggests victory … or loss. It implies a struggle and change, possibly forced change. Change creates uncertainty for people. And uncertainty breeds worry and fear.

Asking people questions about what they believe and why they believe it is challenging. It’s often deemed unacceptable. People feel threatened and get defensive. It’s uncomfortable. Should we do it?

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Eliminate Poverty: Can We Do It or Not?

On the subject of eliminating poverty, how do we reconcile the seemingly conflicting messages of John 12:8 and Deuteronomy 15:4?

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