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Jan 4 2010

Living Off of Garbage


Garbage is everywhere. Two children and their mothers used to trudge over the piles, holding a hook to dig in garbage. They were here at the dump at 5 or 6 in the morning every day.
Nearly 150 children used to work at this dump in León, Nicaragua, looking for food and other necessities, helping…

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On October 1, the Chamber of Agricultural and Agro-industrial Affairs in El Salvador published in a local newspaper that about 8 million quintals (1 quintal = 220 pounds) of maize were lost during the harvesting season last August.
Prices in general have increased, reducing the buying power of the average Salvadoran. On average, people are…

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Seven years ago, Nicaragua’s National Assembly made it official that the last Sunday of September would be dedicated to celebrating the translation of the Bible from Greek to Spanish.Throughout the national territory we celebrate. Sunday, Sept. 27, was the 440th anniversary.
In every department and/or town, churches from different denominations get together to celebrate.
Flowers, palm…

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