14 Playful Photos of Kids Being Kids

The best thing about working with kids around the world? No matter what country they are from, they LOVE to have fun. Here are 14 of our favorite pictures of kids being kids from the countries in which we work.

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How Uncomfortable Do the Poor Make You Feel?

To communicate with those who are skittish, or those who genuinely want to say “I am uncomfortable around kids” or “I don’t know how to relate to the poor,” we need to find a bridge.

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Good Games for Kids

One good game that kids in the Dominican Republic play is “El Pañuelo” (The Handkerchief). Another is called “El Juego de la Silla” (The Game of the Chair). This is how you play the games …

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Tony Beltran: My Best Day in Ministry

Moody Bible Institute scholar Tony Beltran shares his amazement and excitement about a child he met who was determined to help others, just like Tony’s sponsor.

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Funny Things Kids Say

What puzzling, quirky, amusing things have your sponsored children written in their letters to you?

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Visit Compassion’s Fun Kids Web Site

Are your children pretty web savvy? Do they spend a LOT of time online? I mean are they typical kids? 🙂 How about you? Are you a kid at heart? If you said yes to any of these questions, we have some exciting news just for you. We just launched our […]

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