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“Sponsorship is not about the money you give but about the lives and relationships you build.” This is not just a clever thing to say. It’s a profound statement that I learned from the children themselves. I’ve seen that our children are more concerned about building their relationship with you than the help they get.

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Sponsored children are very grateful and consider themselves blessed to have sponsors who love them and write to them. The children are touched by the affection you express to them in your letters and the prayers you share with them.

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I sat in a crowded, dank space and listened to the rain water dripping.

I squinted in the dark and leaned in to hear the quiet voice of Vincent, a sponsored child, living in the heart of Kenya, in the middle of Hell, known as Mathare Valley. He was an orphan, a child thrust into…

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Pastor Sam, the director of Immanuel Child Development Center in India, shares his feelings of gratefulness to sponsors — gratefulness for the vital role they play in the holistic development of children in poverty.
Here are his thoughts about a sponsor’s involvement in a child’s life.

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Pastor Korogo has been a pastor since 2002. He officiates as junior pastor in the central church of the Assemblies of God Church of Ziniaré, 30 kilometers from Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso.
In 2008, when the church began partnering with Compassion, Pastor Korogo was recruited as child development center director because of his long-standing…

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Jul 11 2009

Compassion Connection

I got this in a letter from one of my sponsored children in Bolivia – actually a correspondent child. Notice how the child is connecting us together.

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1. How long have you been in your current position with Compassion El Salvador, and what is your job?
Two years. I am a supervisor within the Sponsor Donor Services department.
2. What are the main responsibilities of your position?
I make sure the sponsors have up-to-date information about the children. Not just the letters,…

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1. How long have you been in your current position with Compassion Honduras, and what is your job?
Seventeen months. I am an auditor.
2. What are the main responsibilities of being an auditor?
Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the partner church as well as the challenges it faces.
We look for strengths so…

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First, poverty lies to the poor by telling them over and over that they do not matter, that no one cares for them, and that they are forgotten. Poverty speaks to the heart of a person (especially children) and tells them, “Give Up!” But that’s only one part of the lie of poverty.

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It amazes me how often God uses the “least of these” among us to teach us valuable life lessons. Having worked here for a little more than four months, I have already experienced this phenomenon many times, as the children we serve “speak” to me about things such as hope, faith, love and trust.
Last week,…

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One-on-one sponsorship is set up to give each of us the opportunity to shepherd and encourage the children of our world. We need to be there for our kids. We parents know how quickly our children grow up. Well, your sponsored kids grow up just as fast! Don’t waste the opportunity to connect with them…

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Feb 2 2009

Maintaining Dignity

Hello everyone. My name is Rick Carter, and I work for Compassion in Asia as part of the communications team.
My team is responsible for bringing you the stories that talk about our child development centers in Asia, such as A Day in the Life of a Child Development Center Worker or A New Beginning…

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Gezahegne is director of Mekanisa Addis Kidan Child Development Center, one of the oldest child development centers in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. When asked to initially volunteer his time as the center accountant in 1991, he said, “For this kingdom work, I will do it.”
The idea for the center began…

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Here at Compassion, I get to sit by a really cool guy named Sathy. Sathyaseelan Pannirselvam, that is. (One of my proudest moments was when I found out my last name is longer than his.)
Sathy is a native of Chennai, India, and has worked for Compassion for 10 years. He worked for Compassion India…

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“Magi, get going else you will be late for your classes,” Magline’s mother calls out from outside the courtyard, where she is washing dishes.
Magline is deeply engrossed reading the sponsor letter she has just received from the student center.
Magline, a bright young girl from Park Circus Child Development Center, is an example of what…

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Children copying letters from their exercise books

Letters from sponsors come in to the Ghana office through the Global Ministry Center (GMC) in Colorado Springs. They come in mainly by DHL, but a few letters also come in through e-mail.

When these letters are received they are sorted out and entered into the computer system to track that they were received. They…

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“Life has meaning when someone touches it at tender age. Someone stood out and shaped my life. I believe in life of fullness. Thank you my sponsor where ever you are.” – Ruzamba Niyomwungeli

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Have you ever wondered how your sponsored child’s letter gets to you? The long journey it takes from Tanzania or Thailand to Connecticut or California? There’s a lot more to it than you might think!

Samuel Llanes, Guatemala’s Field Communication Specialist, gives us a peek at the journey of one letter from Guatemala to a…

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This is a sample of what my sponsored children write to me. Although the words are different, they often have the same message.

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