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Choosing a child to sponsor is a daunting prospect when you consider that the child you select may be a part of your heart for a lifetime. How do you choose whom to help and whom someone else must help? Here are several ways to approach your decision.

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Earlier this year, while her husband was on sabbatical in Peru, sponsor Eunice Lehmacher spent time at the Tesoros del Señor Child Development Center. In her time observing our ministry, she learned six small, but important, lessons.

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A group of children in Thailand having fun in front fo the camera.

To all you teens out there who are hesitant about making the decision to sponsor a child, I want to encourage you to go for it! I am living proof that what you do makes a difference in so many lives, including your own.

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Is eliminating extreme poverty possible or is it heresy? Is it just a matter of interpretation or a matter of priorities?

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I have struggled with trying to figure out how to use the gifts God has given me to do the work God wants me to do, which is is how the seed of making a difference was planted for me and has now sprouted into a company: ResQrags.

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To remain focused on the call that God has given you, remember: 1. Your work matters to God. 2. Your work matters to the people you serve. 3. Your work matters to the people with whom you serve.

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Bob Lenz, Founder and President of Life! Promotions shares his passion for moving the church beyond the business of entertaining and into the business of training and discipling our youth.

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