Be the Church More Than 80 Minutes a Week

I don’t understand why, in the 10,080 minutes of our week, we as the Church put most of our resources and efforts into the 80-minute gathering and forget the rest of the 10,000 minutes of our week.

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25 Gorgeous Pictures of Churches in the Developing World

The buildings where children attend our Child Sponsorship Program might be expansive or cozy, ornate or simple. But one thing is for certain, they are a loud-and-clear message to their communities that God truly cares about the “least of these.”

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How Your Church Can Empower a Church in Poverty

Each year when Compassion Sunday rolls around, I get so excited at the thought of churches all over the country rallying together to speak on behalf of children in poverty. But until I met Pastor Larry in the Philippines, I never considered the impact of Compassion Sunday on the churches in developing countries around the world.

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Uniting the Global Church Through Compassion Sunday

Compassion Sunday is a day for churches across America to share the Bible’s message of caring for those in need and to give people the opportunity to sponsor a child. But even more than that, it’s a day when churches in America come together in solidarity with churches in the developing world.

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Writing Hope: A Story in Three Acts

We tend to grow into what we see around us, which can be good if we’re emulating a positive role model. However, this truth is anything but good for Murthy, who is beginning to lose all hope.

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