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KE901-0441 Odupoi Pose

In a fast changing Kenya, the Maasai are learning the importance education plays in the evolution of their tribe into modern society.

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Nov 4 2012

Buying Cows for Faith

valerie bell

When speaker and author Valerie Bell met 4-year-old AIDS-infected, Faith in Kenya she was determined to do one thing — buy a herd of cows.

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education for girls

With an education, Maasai girls are free to dream, compete with their male counterparts, and decide their own future. This feat was unheard of in years past.

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Due to its geopolitical position, Arusha is attracting more people and growing quickly, which has caused an increase in the crime rate. It is well connected by tarmac roads to the major cities of Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. These cities have a direct influence on what happens in Arusha.

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While the East African nation of Kenya does not grab as many headlines as its less stable neighbors to the west, disease, malnourishment and violence are leaving a mark on this generation of Kenyan children.
About 500,000 Kenyan children are missing school due to lack of food.
According to the World Food Program, in countries…

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My name is Peninah Esianoi Pashile. I was a sponsored child at Imaroro Child Develoment Center in Kenya. I would like to share my story with you and hope that it will be an inspiration and encouragement.

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Maasai Community With Goats

The Maasai community has been rearing cattle for years, all their known lifetime and history.

In fact, there is a joke that goes around Tanzania about how the Maasai people claim that all the cows in the world belong to them, and the Maasai have the duty to return the cows to their natural home,…

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