Every 15 Seconds a Child Dies From Water-Related Diseases

We cannot live without water. It cleanses and nourishes our bodies. Every living creature needs clean water to survive.

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Compassion Sunday Goes Beyond One Day

My new associate pastor caught me in the parking lot as I was leaving church one Sunday, with a beautiful vision of a radical message and a strong push for our upcoming Compassion Sunday. He even felt a holy “oughtness” from the Lord to offer a child packet from the pulpit and wait for a sponsor to take it from the stage.

It was bold. It was gutsy. It was what I had been praying for.

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Give a Cup of Cold Water

Around the globe there are many “little ones” who follow Christ, yet who are easily oppressed, powerless and defenseless. It is within our ability to care for them in tangible ways, extending simple offerings to meet needs and ease suffering. The promised reward for doing this is not an obligation, but a free gift from God for our obedience and service.

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