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Only Jesus can rescue a child from an orphanage and give the child a Heavenly mansion. But we need to bring them to His feet. This is not a commercial. This is also not a script. This is a calling.

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You can also view this video, Step Into My Life: Christuraj’s Story, in Vimeo.

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Tall green mountains, healthy crops, rain right after noonday, wholesome soils. This used to be what people pictured when they thought of Guatemala.
But not anymore. The food crisis in Guatemala has become so severe that the president has declared a state of calamity, and the rate of undernutrition in children under 5 has reached…

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Allen Charles Graham is single, but he understands the meaning of the word “commitment.” He started sponsoring children in 1989 when he lived in the United States, working at a TV network. Currently, he lives in Ecuador and is the Training Director at HCJB Global Voice radio station.
“This was something I always wanted to…

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