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Sep 25 2012

Measuring with Mercy

A mom measuring fabric in the Dominican Republic

With a very broken heart, Nancy’s life-changing journey began. The Lord revealed to her that she used two very different yardsticks to measure His gifts of mercy and grace.

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Many sponsored children have a desire to help others, because of the help they have received from their sponsors. Pray that your sponsored child would find ways to be merciful to the people around them.

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Radhika and ???

The 21st century has witnessed a great rise in development around the world. Communications and scientific research are developing at a rapid pace. The world is moving toward great change in culture and lifestyle. Gender equality is becoming common in many places, and girls are achieving heights once thought not possible.

However, even as the…

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Our ability to take ownership of our actions is a necessary skill in escaping any strain of poverty – physical, emotional or spiritual. Actions have consequences. It’s something God tried to show us through Adam and Eve.

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Benson wakes up at 6:00 a.m. every Saturday excited that he will see his friends and learn Bible lessons. On this particular Saturday, the children at his child development center learn a life-lesson, and child development director, Mercy, takes them through the devotion.
It’s chilly and the teacher starts the lesson. As drum beats fill…

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