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Jan 20 2013

Our Brains Are Amazing


There are so many studies on the brain and so much can be confusing. But one thing is certain — our brains are amazing and what happens when we are young impacts our futures exponentially.

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Jul 9 2011

Advice From Mom


How different do you think the advice you received from your mom is compared to the advice children receive in the developing world?

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Life in Haiti can be very difficult – especially when you are a mother. Test your knowledge of how a mother in Haiti helps her children survive.

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You are the reason our lives are changed. We thank God for giving you as helpers. Now, our faith in God is increased. And we are hopeful of a bright future for our children.

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Apr 22 2009

I Pray

As a stay-at-home mom of three girls, ages (almost) 6 and under, my To-Do lists are never ending. Yes, you read right — list(S). When I don’t get them done, which is quite frequently, I feel lazy, discouraged, and just plain ole’ not good enough.
Thankfully, I am aware that Satan is just trying to…

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Dec 30 2008

Rosario Shares Love

Every time Rosario enters a class she is received with an explosion of hugs and kisses from her little ones.
“Since I was young I dreamed to be surrounded by children, because I am the youngest in my family and I used to tell God that I wanted to work with children.”

One day the pastor…

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