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Apr 22 2012

Why Do We Do What We Do?


Why do you do what you do and how do you explain the “whys” to others in your life?

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thai children_FI

Research on why people give to charitable causes is never very flattering to the donors. According to one study, when we give we’re often not motivated by philanthropy or logic, but by our feelings.

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“You’re a little mover and a shaker. You’re going to change the world.”
Ok, I am not sure why I am tearing up as I write that sentence, but I am. It’s just me, I’m emotional.
I heard that phrase from my mom for over 23 years. I heard it on my first day of school,…

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There are a lot of things I love about working for Compassion. In fact, I’m going on eight years here, which is practically unheard of for my generation. (I’m a twenty-something.) But I’ve not stuck around this long by accident. 
I was reminded this morning of one of the reasons I love this ministry. Every Wednesday…

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