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Hi. I’m your Compassion internet communications specialist. I specialize in being especially excited about web stuff.
Do I have fun on occasion? You bet. Is most of it work? Always, and did I mention that saving kids from poverty is my commitment? No? Well, there you go.
Recently I was sent by Compassion to…

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Jul 30 2008

Sharin’ the Love

Back in February, you, our fantastic friends, helped us win
the MySpace Impact Award. (This blog was just taking baby steps then, so
unless you were our friends on MySpace or Facebook, you might not have
heard our cheering.)
Well guess what? Another organization, The Love Alliance, has recently won
the MySpace Impact Award. (Congratulations, TLA!) And here’s the cool…

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“As I sit here and write this, I have mixed emotions. Part of me is embarrassed that my child behaves this way, and her selfishness …”
Find out what our MySpace friend, Sue, is talking about.
my twelve year old daughter came from camp this past thursday and the first thing she said as soon as…

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Apr 25 2008

Sponsor a Child

Here’s some marketing rah-rah for ya. Well … it’s not really rah-rah, but it IS marketing pure and simple.
This is our newest toy, and we’re really excited about how it can help get more children sponsored. Hope you like, use it and share it.
One for Facebook …

Get the sponsor a child widget for Facebook.

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