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passion for god

Pray that your sponsored child would cling to God and develop a passion for Him.

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When was the last time you saw someone in your life who may have been the right person for a job, but who lacked passion and creativity?

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There are a few things that I am passionate about that I will never move away from. My relationship with God and my family, music and the plight of children in poverty.

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We must ignite passion for children in poverty, to the glory of God. Nobody is garbage.

You can also view the Comfort the Afflicted and Afflict the Comfortable video on YouTube.

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Apr 17 2009

What Is Your Passion in Life?

What fuels the passions burning inside of each of us? Mine stir up when I see images or hear stories of children in East Africa.
Four years ago, a life-changing documentary ignited a fire in my heart that’s been gathering fuel ever since. This “Invisible Children” documentary follows the journey of child soldiers in northern…

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Apr 4 2008

Why Me, God?

For about 35 years, once I first heard of such a possibility, I wanted to sponsor a child. But for most of that time, I simply could not afford even $10 per month.
About mid-2001, watching a commercial on TV for another organization, I realized I could finally afford to do something. But through…

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