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Apr 21 2013

Divine Intersections

Mike Hare

Ministry Chaplain, Mike Hare shares stories of how circumstances we never would have chosen lead us closer to Jesus.

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Today, many children are under the influence of the Great Herod of our time — poverty and ignorance. They are chained up by malnutrition, illiteracy, and ignorance.

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Jan 23 2010

It’s Not Natural

It’s not natural. It’s not even remotely right. No mother should have to bury her child.
But Melicia is begging for the chance to do just that.
Her family was at home when the earthquake hit Port-au-Prince. In a panic, she gathered her children and rushed them toward the door. But her six-year old son…

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Aug 26 2009

Sowing Seeds With Faith

About a year ago, I wrote a post about the clear call I received from God into Compassion’s ministry as a Child Advocate. There was then and is now no room for confusion or doubt.
But at some level, I apparently thought a clear call to ministry meant that God would go before me, opening…

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If you’re new here, our CEO, Wess Stafford, didn’t write this post, but he did answer the question. We recorded his answer and transcribed it for your reading pleasure.
Read all the posts in the Wess Speaks series.

What are the first names of the children you sponsor, and what countries? Any special stories you like…

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