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christmas around the world twin angels

Traditions of dancing, singing carols, pageants, parades and nativity scenes fill our holiday season with joy. Uniting us with family, friends and church communities as we remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Enjoy these beautiful photos from our friends celebrating Christmas around the world!

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photo scavenger hunt soccer

We’re holding a photo scavenger hunt for the rest of July, complete with prizes. So, get your camera (or phone) ready.

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iPad blog post image

Magazines are fantastic. But, living in this digital age, more and more of us are opting for electronic versions of our favorite reads. And because we want to meet you where you ‘live,’ we created something special — the Compassion iPad magazine!

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childrens photography

Photos you send to your sponsored children help them visualize your world and get to know you better. Today, you can see their world through photos taken by six sponsored children in the Philippines.

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life in mexico

We gave Juan David a camera and asked him to take pictures of everything that caught his attention. This is what life in Mexico looks like to Juan David.

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pictures of peru

In case you missed it, we’ve captured Peru for you in photo, word and video. And it case you wanted to see it, we’d like to show you what Peru looks like.

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child photographer

What does life look like through the eyes of a child photographer? Several sponsored children in eastern India were given cameras and a chance to find out.

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through the eyes of a child

We gave several children in Burkina Faso disposable or digital cameras and asked them to take photos of their lives. Looking at these photos, what do you think matters most to the children who took them?

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jose cloe up_FI

The person in charge of taking child photos has a challenging task. Imagine shepherding 30 active children while trying to take pictures for their sponsorship packets!

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Compassion is rolling out a new and improved way to send some love to our sponsored children! This all-new online letter-writing tool allows you to create bright and beautiful messages with 33 different background templates to choose from.

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Aug 9 2011

Kids at Play


The real fun of Instagram is seeing the photos that our friends share with us. Here are three of our favorites with the theme kids at play.

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As a child advocacy organization, we believe that children should be kept safe and protected in all situations, including online.

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The presence of dignity doesn’t equal the absence of poverty.

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Sep 24 2010



No child should live in poverty. No child should have to grow up to wander the streets and beg not only for money but for someone to tell them they are worth a hug.

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Jul 14 2010



Poverty is hopeless and depressing. But light shines in the darkness. And color brightens it. Vividly!

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UPDATE: Jan. 30, 2010 – The first eight photos are new.
Earthquake pictures from Haiti taken by our staff and contractors. As we receive more pictures, we will upload them to our Haiti Earthquake set on Flickr, which automatically updates this slideshow.

You can also view this slideshow in Flickr.

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The first time I ever saw this picture of Jesus laughing, I was transfixed.
There’s life in it.
And even now, I still respond to His expressive joy. I laugh. He laughs. He knows how I feel!
This idea that Jesus knows us isn’t just a concept; it’s actually for real (Whoa!), which…

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It’s been eight months since my last sponsor letter photos post, so I felt it was high time to raid our digital library again and round up another batch of photos showing sponsored children reading letters from their sponsors.

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Apr 3 2009

Looking for Food

Luz is going to the farmers market today. She is taking her 3-year-old daughter, Vanesa, with her, to search for food. Thousands of mothers for many years have come here daily to find food for their families.

Join Luz and Vanesa as they look for food by clicking on the image below to a…

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We said we’d do it again. And we’re doing it. It’s time for a new blog banner.
Join our Flickr group and upload your photos of children in poverty. We’re looking to choose one to use as our new blog banner.
Here’s some of the good stuff people have already shared with us.
drewfrancis1 took this…

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Right before Thanksgiving, I was rootin’ around in our digital asset management library and saw some child photos I absolutely had to share. Photos of children reading letters from their sponsors.

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Sep 26 2008

Our New Blog Banner is Here

Hey! Remember way back in mid-August when we asked you to join our Flickr group and to upload photos.
Do you remember that we also said, “It’s time to change our banner. And we want the next photo up there to be yours.”?
Well…we did. And you did.

22 people joined the group. (And we still have room…

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I’m going to Mexico! And I want you to come with me.
I was left behind once, and I’m grateful it wasn’t in the “missed the Rapture” sense. Because of that experience I will do my best to make you feel like you’re in Mexico with me.
I’m going to Mexico as a co-leader on a…

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Aug 11 2008

Photos Wanted

We have an account at Flickr, a photostream they call it, where we upload our photos … but we don’t get out of the office that often ’cause we be Webbies, so we don’t get a lot of photos to upload.
We’re working on that.
We also have this suh-WEET! Flickr group where anyone can upload…

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See the photo? The one at the top of the page. It was done by one of you.
Eric Chapman (aka chappyphoto) took it. He’s a friend we met by way of our Flickr group.
We liked his photos so much we asked if we could use one in our blog header. Then we asked if…

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