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Whenever we pay attention to just the news and not God’s Word, it can get depressing, can’t it?! Headlines with doom-filled words like depression and recession and deflation are daunting.
But I recently got an e-mail from our senior vice president of international program, and he included this verse, which helped me take a long deep…

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I heard on the radio the other day that it’s probably the biggest thing that’s ever come to Denver. They were talking about the Democratic National Convention, of course. And they’re right … it is big. The local news has been dominated this week by headlines from the convention.
All this political hype has me…

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This is a true story about a young girl in one of Compassion’s child development centers in India.

Last summer, heavy rains poured into the village where 12-year-old Arpita lives.
The ground, already saturated from previous rains, left nowhere else for the waters to go … so the entire village flooded. Muddy water, one…

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Jun 19 2008

Fasting and Prayer

I have been fighting poverty for more than 30 years and throughout that time I have never seen the potential for devastation that I see in the current global food crisis. I know it’s difficult to imagine that something like rising food costs could be so destructive. It’s not as if hunger rumbles like…

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May 1 2008

Moving Mountains

Today is the National Day of Prayer.
We encourage you to pray.
Talk to God about our country.
Talk to God about your sponsored child.
Talk to God about poverty.
Just talk to God.
In fact, if you want to share your prayer with the rest of the blog readers, hit us up in the comment section. Then we can…

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I was feeling very bad for myself last week. My car broke down on the side of the road late one night. That same day I had picked up my car from the mechanic. And poor poor me, my husband had taken our other car to the shop that day — so he couldn’t come…

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