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Jan 4 2012

Staying Attached


Sometimes, it’s easy to fall more in love with doing the ministry than with the one who called us. And it’s easy to get tired or burned out doing the routine or difficult tasks.

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If you will love God with your whole heart and trust fully in Him, He will direct you. He wants to use your gifts and experiences to accomplish His perfect plan for your life. Where will loving God lead you?

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I have struggled with trying to figure out how to use the gifts God has given me to do the work God wants me to do, which is is how the seed of making a difference was planted for me and has now sprouted into a company: ResQrags.

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Feb 23 2011

Live Out Love


The Director of our Child Sponsorship Program, Emily Sarmiento, explains how to live out love in devotion to one another and the important role that loving one another “on purpose” plays in building unity in our personal and corporate relationships.

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Feb 9 2011

What Is Christian Oneness?

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Oneness is a blessing in itself, but Christian oneness has the higher purpose that Jesus prayed for — “that the world may believe.”

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