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You’ve met Rafonzel once before. In the photo at the end of Eric’s post about the Leadership Development Program. But photos are so last year.
Watch this short video (just under 10 minutes) and you’ll hear Rafonzel talk about the meaning of Compassion’s programs in her life – like Michelle did – and…

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Jun 9 2008

Because of Compassion

See what our friend Eric “chappyphoto” Chapman has done. He created a Servant Life video from his trip to the Philippines. Actually, he did the sound and music. The rest was done under the keen direction of Taylor Robinson at Student Life.
Now, you can read about it and watch about it … uh … yeah.…

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See the photo? The one at the top of the page. It was done by one of you.
Eric Chapman (aka chappyphoto) took it. He’s a friend we met by way of our Flickr group.
We liked his photos so much we asked if we could use one in our blog header. Then we asked if…

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