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Nov 10 2013

The Darkness is Not The End

Justin McRoberts Holding Girl

In this special chapel message, singer, songwriter and Compassion ambassador Justin McRoberts shares his story, and how God used his sponsored child to redeem a dark time in his life.

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Once there was a place called Mathare. It was a hard place; a difficult place. But, there was also a place called the Kingdom of God.

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Jul 26 2010

Redeeming Haiti


No one in their right mind would call the earthquake that hit Haiti a good thing. It was utterly devastating. And yet still there is good.

Because of the earthquake’s destruction, Haiti is now having to start with what feels like a nearly clean slate. The [corrupt and inefficient] government was toppled. The [inadequate] school…

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Remember when I told you about my new job? I’ve been doing it for several months now and so I feel like I’ve gotten a pretty good grip on things. Well … as good a grip as one can have on a job that depends entirely on world events. And oh my word, the world…

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