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Aug 11 2010

Made for Each Other


Each of your sponsored children is uniquely yours. You may not know the reason exactly, but that child was chosen by you for a reason. And you were chose for for that child.

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How would you describe meeting your sponsored child for the first time? Can you sum it up with one word?

If you can, please do. If you can’t, please use all the words you need.

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If you can’t visit your children, and we understand that it’s not always possible, you need to know this. It’s an absolute truth. Your sponsored children want to hear from you!

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Sean Dana, an International Trip Manager, has been leading sponsor tours for more than three years. On one of his first sponsor tours, he had an opportunity to bring a lifetime of joy to children who rarely get to play, run or laugh because they live in the midst of extreme poverty.

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Sorry for so abruptly abandoning you yesterday. Please rest assured that if you’re ever on a tour with me, I won’t do that to you.
So, where did I leave off? Oh yes – 10 a.m.
10 a.m. Training with church partners that will be visited by another tour arriving in a few weeks.…

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My name is Soledad Agreda, and I am the Tour and Visits Team Leader of the Peru office. I have been doing this work for about a year and a half now, and my main responsibilities are to organize, facilitate and host individual sponsor visits and tours along with Elia Sipan, the Tour and…

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Yesterday, I promised you some insights into Steph’s Compassion Traveller experience, so here you go. – Irene

Steph in 30 seconds:

Age: 14 and a half

Siblings: I’m the eldest. I have a 13-year-old brother named James.
School: Year nine (third year in junior high school)
Pets: We have two cats: Maddison, a white tortoise-shell cross Persian, and…

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Wanna peek into my e-mail inbox?
I have the great pleasure of “talking” (read: e-mailing) each day with some of our great staff around the world. They always challenge me with their perspective.
I’ve been reading along with all the posts and comments about visiting your sponsored child, as I weigh the decision of when…

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Aug 16 2008

On My Sponsor Tour

We heard what you think about visiting your sponsored children. And some of you shared some great experiences with us too, which got us wanting more.
Want! Want! Want! That’s us.
So, if you didn’t comment, haven’t ever commented or still have more to say, finish this sentence:
On my sponsor tour . . .

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Sponsor tours usually cost from $2,000 to $4,000, plus airfare to the departure city.

Is that the best use of your money? What is the benefit to your child — to children in poverty? Would it be better to use that money to: send a family gift, sponsor another child or donate to the Global…

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