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I’ve taken many calls from sponsors about their children’s pictures. “Why is my child wearing such nice clothing?” “Why is my child not smiling?” “My child’s newest picture doesn’t look like my child. Why?”

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Dec 27 2013

Healthy Smiles

healthy smiles

Smiles transcend time and place. We would know, we get to see a lot of them.

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Jun 21 2013

To See a Child Smile

Compassion Bloggers Nicaragua 2013 - Project 111 - Day 3

The bloggers all sit in a circle and laugh and pretend to know Spanish and laugh some more. But not Ivan. He does not smile.

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May 23 2008


I just got this cute, cute picture of Pamela at her child development center, viewing herself on the blog from Wednesday’s post! Samuel says she was embarrassed at first but couldn’t help smiling once she saw it.

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I knew that she was a sweet little girl, but it wasn’t her face that told me so. Her face had a hard look, as if smiling was an indulgence; something reserved for close friends and family only. But the hardness in her face wasn’t a frown. It wasn’t unhappiness I saw there. It might…

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Apr 2 2008


I sponsor a child in Haiti named Youvens. In the seven years I’ve sponsored him, I’ve never, ever seen him smile.
Even when I visited Haiti and brought him a soccer ball. No smile. He played soccer with me, ate lunch with me and never let go of the ball. But he never smiled.


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