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This blog post has one purpose: to refine the vision for the Compassion blog. That might mean we simply affirm what the blog’s purpose has been for the last few years. Or it might mean we come up with something new. Either way, now is the time to tell us what we should focus on.

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Dr. Matt Rindge, assistant professor of Religious Studies at Gonzaga University and a Compassion Child Advocate, spoke at our National Advocates Conference in October. In his message, he shared two observations about Jesus’ ministry.

The primary effect of Jesus’ healings was to include social outcasts into community.
Jesus’ healings restored outcasts to community by removing the obstacle that…

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These tips come courtesy of Shaun Groves, learned from his personal experience as a speaker on behalf of children in poverty, figuring out what works and what doesn’t … usually.

They are relevant whether you’re speaking in front of a crowd of thousands or to one person in an elevator.

They are as true for persuading…

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Jun 11 2008

Measurable Outcomes

Why do we do the things we do? You and I.

Why bother getting that advanced degree? Just for the credentials?

Why eat the whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s ONE Cheesecake Brownie when 500 calories of poverty fighting creaminess would be good enough? Why buy the pint to begin with?

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