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Blogging gets children in poverty sponsored.
Here’s da proof that blogging works.

Be Thou My Vision
429 children sponsored as a result of the Uganda blog trip.

And here’s da rebuttal.
The Search Kindly “Money Thermometer” shows that only $203 has been raised for Compassion this month.
Using highly complex advanced math skills that bend the imagination as well…

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May 10 2008

2008 Compassion Sunday Update

Be forewarned. What follows is pure rah-rah. It showed up in employee inboxes … from MARKETING. It’s just a small glimpse into the response Compassion Sunday 2008 has received so far.
We’re at over 9,700 children sponsored. Our goal is 22,000. It’s not too late to host your own event.
“Austin Bluffs Evangelical Free Church…

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Apr 30 2008

The Ripples of Child Sponsorship

Corey with the kids

“What can I do in the face of such hugeness?” we wonder. “What good would my pebble do in such a vast sea of suffering?” But here’s the amazing thing about pebbles dropped in the water — they create ripples.

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Apr 25 2008

Sponsor a Child

Here’s some marketing rah-rah for ya. Well … it’s not really rah-rah, but it IS marketing pure and simple.
This is our newest toy, and we’re really excited about how it can help get more children sponsored. Hope you like, use it and share it.
One for Facebook …

Get the sponsor a child widget for Facebook.

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Apr 4 2008

Why Me, God?

For about 35 years, once I first heard of such a possibility, I wanted to sponsor a child. But for most of that time, I simply could not afford even $10 per month.
About mid-2001, watching a commercial on TV for another organization, I realized I could finally afford to do something. But through…

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Feb 22 2008

Lives Transformed

One of the most impactful things I observed during our trip to Uganda was the profound difference between the children in a Compassion child sponsorship program compared to other children. Compassion-assisted children are connected with a loving, church-based program that provides:

educational opportunities
health care and supplemental nutrition
opportunities for safe recreation
opportunities to learn about important life skills

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I have always had a desire to write, but if you ask me, never in my wildest dreams did those thoughts include blogging. In a way this feels like God’s way of preparing me for that special role of sharing my life with others and using my past and my present to build others as…

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Feb 20 2008


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that it’s getting easier to set priorities in my life. Some of the things I used to deem important just don’t mean that much to me anymore. And some things that I never valued are priceless to me now. I guess that’s part of maturing.
20 years ago I didn’t know…

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We arrived at the airport in Entebbe Uganda at approximately 11:00 p.m. Uganda time yesterday. We are thankful for the following:

a safe journey
all of our flights were generally on schedule and no flights were missed
all of our luggage arrived at its intended destination
good Christian travel companions
a friendly and helpful Compassion Uganda staff to meet us at the airport

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Feb 10 2008

Uganda Blog Trip

I’m writing from the Columbus, Ohio, airport waiting to begin my trip with 14 other Christian bloggers to see Compassion’s ministry to children in need in Uganda. We will combine the power of our blogs to educate and inform within our circles of influence about the impoverished children in this country. Check out the list…

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