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The Honduras Compassion office receives an average of 15,000 to 18,000 letters per month. The handling of so many letters and packages requires a well-trained correspondence team. This group of people takes their job seriously and knows well how to manage the pressure of receiving so many letters. Every one of them is an expert…

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The first letters are a cornerstone to building the new relationship between sponsor and sponsored child. These letters make the sponsorship commitment more personal, and now Vanesa and Alexandra will be waiting to hear back from their sponsors.

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A short message from the sponsor could play a vital role in the life of a child. The letter is not only a piece of paper, but it is a tool that builds a friendship between a child and a sponsor. It can develop a heavenly bond of love.

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Ouma Willy, a former Leadership Development Program student who currently studies at Moody Bible Institute, shares his experience as a recipient of letters from sponsors. His testimony will no doubt encourage you to keep writing to your sponsored children!

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This work is imperfect because it involves people. Compassion is not program-focused (though program models are used) – it’s intensely, insanely, beautifully child-focused. And sometimes, all of the questions in your letters don’t get answered. Sometimes a child drops out of the program and you don’t get an explanation. Sometimes, you feel frustrated because you…

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“I want to reach my dream. I want to become a doctor someday because I want to help people in this village,” says Nathan.

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Ana says of her sponsor, “She is like a sister to me because she talks to me and tells me she’s coming, so I’m always waiting for her. I am very happy and thankful with God because she always sends me nice things and wishes me blessings from God, and she also sends me pictures.”

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“Sponsorship is not about the money you give but about the lives and relationships you build.” This is not just a clever thing to say. It’s a profound statement that I learned from the children themselves. I’ve seen that our children are more concerned about building their relationship with you than the help they get.

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Sponsored children are very grateful and consider themselves blessed to have sponsors who love them and write to them. The children are touched by the affection you express to them in your letters and the prayers you share with them.

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At some point, everyone feels like God has left them. Yunita, one of the youngest translators for Compassion Indonesia, felt as though she had been abandoned by God until she read the words of a sponsor.

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Pastor Sam, the director of Immanuel Child Development Center in India, shares his feelings of gratefulness to sponsors — gratefulness for the vital role they play in the holistic development of children in poverty.
Here are his thoughts about a sponsor’s involvement in a child’s life.

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Pastor Korogo has been a pastor since 2002. He officiates as junior pastor in the central church of the Assemblies of God Church of Ziniaré, 30 kilometers from Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso.
In 2008, when the church began partnering with Compassion, Pastor Korogo was recruited as child development center director because of his long-standing…

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Jun 12 2009

Meet Jhumur Biswas

Compassion is serving its fifth year in Bangladesh. It is a remarkable journey that is bringing the children of Bangladesh into the glory of Lord Jesus. A constant team effort is needed to build up the children of Bangladesh and release them from all kinds of poverty in Jesus’ name.
Along with the other…

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More than four years have passed since Haminton (age 11) wrote, with the teacher’s help, the first letter to his sponsor. His relationship with his sponsor has grown over the years as both of them share their heart and experiences through their letters.

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One-on-one sponsorship is set up to give each of us the opportunity to shepherd and encourage the children of our world. We need to be there for our kids. We parents know how quickly our children grow up. Well, your sponsored kids grow up just as fast! Don’t waste the opportunity to connect with them…

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