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Oct 25 2008

Chosen Ones

I chose my sponsored child . . .

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Stories and photos By Consodyne Buzabo, Compassion Uganda field communications specialist

An air of anticipation and excitement hung over the Muzahura Child Development Center on the morning of August 26, 2008. While any day at the child development center is always a day the children look forward to each week, this day was going to be…

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Sep 27 2008

I Gave a Gift

I gave a gift to my sponsored child and . . .

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Do you love your sponsored child? Really love your child?
We already know I’m an emotionally disconnected person, so help me out here.
Explain to me how you know that what you feel for your sponsored child is actually love.
Come on y’all. I want to know what love is. Sing it.

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Sep 11 2008

Why Am I Here?

As you may have read recently, the Global Leadership Forum has been in progress all week and all the “big-wigs” are in town talking about . . . stuff. I don’t actually know what they are talking about because I wasn’t invited. But I’m pretty sure that my lunch on Tuesday was better than…

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Aug 9 2008

I Share Love

There aren’t any half ton puns today, but there is some cheap rhymin’ goin’ on.
‘Scuse us as we put on our business faces.
Alright. Finish this half for us.
I share love with my sponsored child by . . .

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My sponsored child taught me . . .

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Jun 2 2008

Any Guesses?

Compassion has 10 partner countries, in addition to the U.S., all of which sponsor children in the developing world.
We work in 24 countries, soon to be 25 when Togo begins registering children later this month in September.
As of May 30, sponsors from the U.S. alone support more than 608,000 children.
Which country do you…

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“Life has meaning when someone touches it at tender age. Someone stood out and shaped my life. I believe in life of fullness. Thank you my sponsor where ever you are.” – Ruzamba Niyomwungeli

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I knew that she was a sweet little girl, but it wasn’t her face that told me so. Her face had a hard look, as if smiling was an indulgence; something reserved for close friends and family only. But the hardness in her face wasn’t a frown. It wasn’t unhappiness I saw there. It might…

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Mar 6 2008


Last night was one of the best nights of my life. I got to meet Amisi, my 5-year-old sponsored boy; the Uganda office was kind enough to coordinate our visit.
I have to say, Amisi has to be the cutest boy in the entire country. Of course, I’m sure I’m a bit biased. I was worried…

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