Do Not Fear [VIDEO]

As we look back at 2015 and consider the natural disasters, corrupt governments, and refugees looking for a home, many people around the world are living on (and some, literally) shaky ground. Then when we consider the changes happening in our own lives with families, jobs and homes, it’s a lot to handle.

Thanks, Mom.

The big things and the little things, the poignant moments and the silliness. What can you thank that special woman in your life for this Mother’s Day?

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Thank You For Supporting Us in 2014

Because of you, we saw over 1.5 million children in poverty go from weak to strong, from hungry to fed, and from lost to found. Thank you for a year full of lives changed in the name of Jesus!

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Welcome to Ghana!

Welcome to Ghana and welcome to the Calvary Bible Child Development Center!

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A Big Christmas Thank You!

Your generosity is not only a blessing this Christmas but all year long. Today, as you celebrate the birth of our Savior we hope you feel the depth of His love and gratitude — and ours — for the ways you have cared for these little ones around the world.

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Thank You…For All You Do

Children living in poverty face daily challenges. However, through sponsorship you are providing children hope, love, the chance to succeed and the chance to know Christ.

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Compassion Sunday 2011 – Thank You

Compassion Sunday 2011 took place this Sunday, April 10. Because of your participation in this annual event many children around the world have the chance to overcome poverty.

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Thank You for Defending the Cause of the Weak

As a sponsor your whole relationship with us is one of focusing on others. But during the Christmas season your commitment to the children and families we serve is always magnified.

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Worlds AIDS Day: The Effects of Your Compassion

At Compassion, World AIDS Day is a day of gratitude for caring friends like you who have so generously given to ease the suffering, in Jesus’ name, of the AIDS-affected children and families we serve together. Thank you for taking to heart the Bible’s command in 1 John 3:18 to “not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”

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My Best Day in Ministry: Fruits of Our Labor

Spiritually speaking, some of us plant seeds, some water, some are the sun, but we all get to taste the fruits of our labor sometimes.

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One Million Children Sponsored

I am overwhelmed with gratitude as I write this. Today, as we do every day, we have the privilege of acting as a bridge between caring sponsors and children in need. However, this particular day we have a sponsorship that is very special in that it […]

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The Sound of Gratitude

At the age of 3, John had his first contact with music. It was at a Compassion child development center. Everything in John’s life could be dissonant if a particular day in his past hadn’t happened. Now, like in a beautiful symphony, John is […]

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