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Sponsored children need to know that we love them and pray for them; they need our encouragement to do well in school and at the center, and to remember that Jesus loves them very much.

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David Kinnaman, President of The Barna Group, recently told an assemblage of more than 100 Compassion employees, “Your business model is out of date.” He didn’t suggest it. He declared it. As fact. He didn’t say it might happen in the future. He said it’s here. He didn’t position it as his opinion to consider.…

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Election day is less than three weeks away. Do you know how you’re gonna vote? I do.
But that’s not what I’m really interested in. I’m interested in what you think about this.
When it comes to ending global poverty and fighting the war on terror:

80 percent of those surveyed* by the Barna Research Group, who…

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May 13 2008

Cultural Compassion


“Given the extensive comments in the Bible regarding the importance of taking care of the poor, we expected to see a larger distinction between the responses of born-again Christians and non-Christians.” – David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Group

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