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ebola outbreak compassion

With the recent outbreak of Ebola in West African countries, many sponsors have been asking if their children are safe. No Compassion children or staff have been directly affected. Still, we are taking precautionary measures to protect our children and staff should the outbreak spread into the countries where we work.

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spiritual development shared bible

One of the objectives of our Child Sponsorship Program is to help children become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults. To do this, our holistic development strategy includes four domains: physical, socio-emotional, cognitive and spiritual.

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Editorial Photo

In Togo, national statistics indicate that 39 percent of the population do not have access to an improved drinking water source. A quarter of the Togolese population do not have, within a 30 minute walk, a source of drinking water.

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Eyram in Classroom

When Eyram did not take all of her medication, she had seizures. She lived in total fear.

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Jul 24 2013

A New Home for Emile

Emile outside new house

Emile faces great challenges in life. He lives in a hut, in the heart of the bush, far from the nearest village. His room has palm branch walls and a straw roof, which leaks during rainy season.

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unsponsored children_FI

When someone stops sponsoring a child, the Unsponsored Children’s fund fills the gap so that children can continue to receive support until a new sponsor is found. For 9-year-old Happy, this fund helped save her life.

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gertrude school FI

Gertrude* has epilepsy. Her family initially rejoiced when she was born, but that soon changed. Three months after her birth, Gertrude started having epileptic seizures.

When her family realized her condition, they abandoned her and her mother because in their village, epilepsy is considered a curse.
In Adaboukope, Togo, where they live, nearly 80 percent of the…

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This Compassion Sunday in Togo is a very different kind of Compassion Sunday than we are used to in the United States.

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Aug 30 2012

Love Changes a Life


When Pierre’s sponsor came to visit him for the second time, he immediately noticed a difference in his sponsored child.

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Jul 17 2012

Why I Do Something Good


Life went from very easy to incredibly hard for I Won’t Watch founder E. J. Swanson. He has known what it’s like to live with and to live without.

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For children in Togo and around the world, a letter from a sponsor is a source of great joy. Most children see letters as gifts from the hearts of their sponsors.

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Mawena, Age 9

Sponsored children pray and ask God for direction, for someone to love them, for provision — for more of Him. How different (or similar) are your prayers?

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Medard, Age 11

The things you share in your letters may sometimes feel like every day news to you but your words encourage, motivate and provide tangible evidence to a child living in poverty that they are loved.

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Sep 9 2011

Ministry Highlight: Togo


We began our ministry in Togo in 2009 with the Child Sponsorship Program. In just under two years we have registered more than 4,300 children and we partner with 20 Implementing Church Partners.

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It’s been eight months since my last sponsor letter photos post, so I felt it was high time to raid our digital library again and round up another batch of photos showing sponsored children reading letters from their sponsors.

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You can also view the One Child video, and all of our other videos, on YouTube.

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As you know, we recently announced our millionth sponsored child. Now, I won’t tell you a lot of random facts about 1 million.
Like how long it would take you to count to 1 million (14 days).
Or how much 1 million dollar bills weigh (2,204 pounds).
Because as important as 1 million is, and as…

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I am overwhelmed with gratitude as I write this. Today, as we do every day, we have the privilege of acting as a bridge between caring sponsors and children in need.
However, this particular day we have a sponsorship that is very special in that it represents a milestone for our ministry. Compassion is…

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May 15 2009

She Is Hungry

She didn’t eat yesterday.
The little girl told me that as we sat with her and her mother under a mango tree. The fruit was not ripe yet, and still sat high and green and out of her reach.
Just behind the house, a few rows of corn grew. But they didn’t belong to her…

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May 13 2009

Afi’s Angle

I’m currently on a story-gathering trip in Lome, Togo, our newest country, which is where I met Afi.
Afi stood shyly inside her home as we hauled in our gear — cameras, video equipment, tripods and microphones. Her dusty yard was shaded by heavy papaya trees, offering a bit of relief from the hot…

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Copies of maps that list the child development center numbers and give a rough approximation of where the centers are located in relation to one another.

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Feb 13 2009

Update From Compassion Togo

Remember when we registered our first child in Togo? That was about five months ago. Would you like to know how Compassion Togo is doing now?
Good! We have that for you!
Visit Togo’s news page and read what the Acting Country Director has to say about Compassion’s impact in Togo thus far. We think you’ll be…

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This is David. He was the first registered child in Togo.

And this is his sister, Gracia. She was the second child registered by Compassion Togo.

They don’t have sponsors yet. And neither do these Togolese children.
If you:

sponsor a child from Togo between now and December 31
AND you sign up for automatic credit card payments
we’ll send* you…

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Story by Delanyo Tenge, Compassion Togo program communications manager, and Barb Liggett, Global Strategy Office intern

September 17, 2008 was the day the staff of Compassion Togo (CIT) had prepared fervently for, and the excitement had reached its peak. As Compassion’s newest country, the staff began registering children in Compassion Togo’s first child development center.

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