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water of life

Drink water and suffer diarrhea, don’t drink water and develop bladder stones. It’s a Catch-22 in desperate need of a solution.

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holistic child development soccer team

We believe that in order to make a long-term dent in ending poverty in the life of a child, we can’t only focus only on what sells or what seems most important from our outside perspective.

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If people are a nation’s greatest resource, why are so many countries in Africa poor yet the birthrate in Africa the highest in the world?

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Inside partner church in Kenya

God has a divine plan to use us for His glory. According to science, 100 people working together can change 1 million people. Only together can we change the world.

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The smells in the barrio of La Cruz, Nicaragua were overwhelming, the people were distant, and there was a strong feeling of emptiness and darkness. Yet Mike and Tina Gannon knew that La Cruz was exactly where God wanted them to be.

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Being from a Muslim family, and living in front of the community mosque, Awa’s decision to become a Christian was not acceptable among the Muslim community

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Several years ago when I started sponsoring a child through Compassion, I thought I was doing a good thing. I made a small but noticeable donation to a nonprofit doing great work. Some little kid in India had a better life, I felt good for caring for the poor, the kid probably felt better because…

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God has brought about an incredible transformation in the lives of the children, their families and this community. The children regularly attend schools. The educational standard of the children has improved. About 40 children participate in sports activities and they have received many prizes in school and higher-level competitions.

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Feb 22 2008

Lives Transformed

One of the most impactful things I observed during our trip to Uganda was the profound difference between the children in a Compassion child sponsorship program compared to other children. Compassion-assisted children are connected with a loving, church-based program that provides:

educational opportunities
health care and supplemental nutrition
opportunities for safe recreation
opportunities to learn about important life skills

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