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What would it be like to live in a house that was at constant risk of being taken from you — not just for a few weeks, but week after week, year after year? Squatters in Ghana, including many sponsored children and their families, deal with this reality daily.

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The Waldo Canyon fire gave summer intern Allison Temnick a unique chance to see the Body of Christ operate in its purest form. And through this experience, God revealed to her three things.

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After meeting our staff and church partners on the field, reports of natural disasters, civil unrest and family tragedies suddenly becomes more personal.

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Jun 27 2012

Waldo Canyon Fire Update

waldo canyon fire prayer

Our headquarters has not received evacuation orders as a result of the Waldo Canyon Fire. However, many of our employees have been evacuated from their homes. Please pray for everyone affected by all of the Colorado wildfires and the hundreds of firefighters and volunteers who are working on the front lines to protect us.

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