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Contemplating what to share with her sponsor.

How many of us sit in front of a blank computer screen or piece sheet of paper wondering what to share with our sponsored child? What do you say or not say?

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Medard, Age 11

The things you share in your letters may sometimes feel like every day news to you but your words encourage, motivate and provide tangible evidence to a child living in poverty that they are loved.

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“Sponsorship is not about the money you give but about the lives and relationships you build.” This is not just a clever thing to say. It’s a profound statement that I learned from the children themselves. I’ve seen that our children are more concerned about building their relationship with you than the help they get.

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Sponsored children are very grateful and consider themselves blessed to have sponsors who love them and write to them. The children are touched by the affection you express to them in your letters and the prayers you share with them.

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