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Then God Showed Up…

tanzania blog From the African Church Ilemela in Tanzania (TZ955).

Our journey to Amos’ house consisted of climbing the longest, winding, rocky, hilly, mountain-like trail up to his home. It was like an intense stair climber, elliptical workout.

About halfway up the hill, we paused to catch our breath take some pictures of the amazing view.

Once we arrived at the top of the hill, we were welcomed into Amos’ home by his mother Leonia. She was very friendly, gracious and really happy to see us.

She stated that we were the first visitors ever to her home from outside of their community. There were 3 other children at the home and the father worked as a day laborer in the community.

As we were talking and hearing Leonia tell her story about a rough season in their lives we witnessed one of those “Then God Showed Up” moments.

The phrase “Then God Showed Up” seems to always be preceded by some troubles or a bleak situation… “Then God Showed Up.”

I understand the context behind the phrase; however it’s one of those phrases that in my opinion reduces the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth to a merely situational God.

I like to remember the “3GO’s of God”:

  • God’s Omniscience- God knows everything.
  • God’s Omnipresence- God is everywhere.
  • God’s Omnipotence- God is almighty, all-powerful and can do anything.

Then God Showed Up! Not so much, “God was already there!”

God knows everything, God is everywhere and God can do anything, we have to acknowledge that fact. Some situations it may appear too difficult to acknowledge the “3-GO’s.”

The harsh reality is no situation is too difficult or too great to recognize that God was already there.

Now let’s get back to Amos’ mother Leonia’s story.

She explained how they were having rough times and she decided to start a business with the help of some funding from some ladies in the church.

Her business consisted of selling fish and it was started with the equivalent of maybe $20 in the U.S. She would get fish from the people at the lake and then sell them at market.

Once Leonia’s modest business got up and rolling she trusted a local guy in the community to go and sell her fish; unfortunately one day the guy never returned. At this time in her life, her situation appeared bleak and then something happened… many would say “Then God Showed Up!”

Leonia says it this way, “I lost my business, my income and I knew God was there and would take care of me.” That’s exactly what God did, the next week she found out that Amos had received a Compassion Sponsor. [3] (insert applause, ahh’s, halleluja’s and amens)

The support that Leonia received for Amos via the Compassion Sponsor was just enough to compensate for her lost business.

God continues to bless their family and she now has a little business of selling little buckets of coal in which people use for cooking.

I love Leonia’s spirit and I love the fact that she doesn’t embrace the mentality of “Then God Showed Up!” but rather acknowledges that He was already there.

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