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Tell Us How We’re Doing

compassion-international My name is Shaina, and I work in Compassion’s contact center in Colorado Springs. If you have ever called Compassion regarding your sponsorship, you may have spoken with me. ☺

In the contact center, it’s our job to answer your calls and questions and to contact you when issues about your sponsorship come up —for example, notifying you if a natural disaster has affected your child.

We also answer e-mails, run live chat on our website (Did you know we have that?), and communicate with our country staff on your behalf.

We don’t often see the direct impact of our work, though. It’s sometimes difficult, on the other end of a phone line or on a computer screen, to see that our jobs are actually helping the children we serve.

My passion to release children from poverty is what brought me to Compassion, but I have questioned God many times over His decision to place me in this department. What I have embraced is this: Sponsorship would not happen without you.

When I serve you well, I not only nurture your commitment to our ministry, but also your attachment to your child and your desire to know and love that sponsored child. My job is to advocate and educate on behalf of the children we serve.

In order to be able to do that — to advocate for the children in our program — everyone in the contact center wants to provide the best service possible to you, at all times. But at this time, we don’t have a way to measure how we are doing with this.

Please consider this blog post an open forum to let us know about your experiences calling and e-mailing Compassion, good and bad! Whatever you have to say, we want to hear about it.